Friday, August 1, 2008

New life path

So, I have been putting this off because I wanted to type things out completely, but I might as well admit I'll never have or take the time so here's a start! I was getting my BS in English/creative writing so I could edit. I have been editing for almost four years now while getting my degree. I have 5 credits left before I finally get that special piece of paper. I still intend to start up my freelance thesis/dissertation/etc editing Website. However, I'm not aspiring to be "an editor" anymore. I've been there for almost four years, generally underappreciated, underpaid, and away from my family as my husband and I work opposite shifts. So the freelance thing will be nice, if it brings in enough. But I'm not expecting it to be enough alone, and I've been feeling this weird call to something else entirely, something I am actually passionate about. I am tossing around various related options: doula, childbirth educator, lactation consultant. All things that dance around one option: midwife. Even the word is scary, so full of portents of responsibility, blood and fluids and sweaty brows, women in bathtubs, on hands and knees, latex gloves and "I feel the head!". But I feel the call. So I am definitely becoming a doula, and getting the bonus certification of hypnodoula, and I will be seeing birth from that perspective for a while. But I also emailed a very experienced CPM near me about job shadowing and a possible future apprenticeship. I'll be busy trying to distract myself until I hear back from her. Eeeeeeeek.

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