Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I feel smart

Jeremy and I went to a day of Education Week yesterday for a little anniversary fun (5 years on the 31st, yay!). We had been planning it for a while and it was really cheap, so we kept it on even with the tight $$. It's anniversary, you know. Some things are important. And it was amazing! We went to several classes on brain function (one on the brain and mental illness medication, one on prenatal brain development), one on stress (on payday, we're getting some lavender and chamomile--it works!!), one on marriage (similar ideas to Stephen Covey), one on the culture wars, and a devotional by Robert D. Hales. I think we stretched our brains and our feet more than we have in a year or two! Jeremy really enjoyed a day of learning, with no pressure for grades or anything, and I'm always happy to be drinking in new information. The prenatal brain development is a nice addition to my future-midwife-knowledge brain area, lol. I will be observing some prenatals with a local midwife soon, hopefully next Tuesday. Score! And Jeremy is coming around slowly to my being vegetarian-who-eats-fish. He even asked if there are any vegetarian restaurants in town. I have no idea. There should be!!!

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