Saturday, October 18, 2008

We're back!

Wow, it's been a while. We've been super busy with work and school, plus family came into town two weekends in a row (and more next week), and then we played pass-the-weird-illness around. Alanna ended up with roseola, and the rest of us had what felt like a nasty, miserable, exhausting cold. Mine kept triggering migraines. Boo. So we're slowly recovering from that. School was on hold for most of last week, but we'll be on track this week. I am also making progress on my cloth diaper design. I had a very (surprisingly) successful first round of testing, and I just finished the new version of my pattern to be tested again, and shrunk to the next size down and tested, before official release. Hooray! Oh, I also got the pair of longies that a WAHM crocheted up from some yarn I dyed with Kool-aid to match some owl fabric I am using for Christmas presents. It's gorgeous stuff! I need to figure out how to put pictures on here, and how to explain "early Christmas present" to the girls since these are NOT waiting until December to be worn! Maybe like my dad says about Mother's Day, that every day is Mother's Day, can apply....
Our garden went *poof* when the freak snow hit last weekend. It pretty much melted, especially the "winter" squash (hah!). I have to figure out how to avoid that next year.
Oh, and I found a great price on a SSC (soft structured carrier) to carry little miss high needs around, lol. I got an APLX (Angel Pack) and not only is it super comfy for carrying the little one, and super-fast to put on with the buckles so that she *lets* me put her on my back instead of flailing around and yelling like she's drowning, and makes her happy for a very long time riding around with mommy while I get stuff DONE, but--it's super comfy carrying her big sis. Who is THREE. Wow.