Friday, August 15, 2008

Doula training rocks!

Wow. That was nine solid hours of amaaaaazing information. Massage, counter-pressure, acupressure, aromatherapy, laboring positions, birth information, business info, etc, etc, etc. And I might already have a client! We'll see. I have a potential client, how's that? And I got more information on a possible midwifery apprenticeship to start later, too! I went to DI today and got a recent Medical Terminology book--I'm doing one midwifery/doula education thing at a time while doing my regular classwork in the morning (okay, mom, lol? It's just not interesting to put in my blog, "I read three teen novels this morning for my class, Weetzie Bat was awesome" like I did Wednesday). I did get my official grades for my last two regular classes, A- in both classes. I just don't see a big increase coming in my income when I finish. I am finishing. I'm just less excited about that. Jeremy is working on videography stuff these days, which he actually tried to go to school for (yay, ADD), and he's working on what he can do without a degree, which is pretty much everything, lol. He'll be using what he tapes of the girls' birthday, for instance, for his portfolio, and offering low-cost event taping/editing around here for a bit to build up his portfolio. He's got most of the stuff already.

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luvmum said...

Yay for the two A-! Where are you taking classes? And, what's the difference between a midwife and a doula?