Monday, August 18, 2008

I hate money. And meat.

Because I don't have it. We are really trying to budget and take cash out for cash stuff and not use debit cards, but it doesn't work yet because we have so much "we'll pay it next paycheck" stuff left over from the last month (mostly bumped from when we paid for mom-in-law's car repair, which delayed our rent payment, which just set off a cascade including two of our own car repairs), resulting in our having NO money for the next week, and having to pull almost all of our savings into checking just to cover the bills we already wrote for, and we'll still be late on a couple that have to wait again. There goes my (ideally) down payment on my midwifery course. *cry*

Anyway. On the flip side, I've successfully been vegetarian-except-for-fish (there has to be a real term for that somewhere) for a week now. Woot. Jeremy thinks I'm crazy but he doesn't have room to talk on that subject, lol.


Anonymous said...

Interesting - my teen and I were just talking about the vegetarian-except-for-fish thing, since she's going vegetarian now. Isn't that what vegetarians used to do, before there were subsets like vegan, etc?

TopHat said...

Well, hey, meat costs money- you're probably saving lots!