Monday, August 11, 2008

Books and breasts

I'm starting a local two-part doula course Thursday, yay! And then I'll tack on my HypnoDoula cert. I'll be done with my Adolescent Lit class for my BS by the end of the month, and only have one 2-credit class left before I can graduate and move on to midwifery studies with my whole mind.

Last night a friend of my husband's asked me how long I was going to breastfeed Chloe. My first "one of those" questions. Mind you, she's only 10 months now. I told him I was probably going to let her self-wean, and his face about fell off as he said kids DON'T self-wean, and she'd still be trying to breastfeed at seven. I did my best not to fall off my chair laughing, as Chloe was bfing at the time and she wouldn't have like that. Kids don't self-wean. Uh-huh. His jaw dropped a bit too, when I quoted the WHO stats of breastfeeding being recommended for at least two years. He's the same one who said I wouldn't be able to give birth without drugs (did it!), etc. I keep winning, LOL. I'm doing better with my little brother on bfing/cloth diapering/natural birth education, but more on that later. (Today while I was talking about bfing, he commented sarcastically that of course no one would want a baby to have the milk its mother made for it; that would be silly. I'm so proud of him, heehee.)


TopHat said...

You tell him! WHO is my favorite BFing reference!

luvmum said...

Happy to see you three are openly discussing this topic. Long ago people just wouldn't go there when it comes to this subject--not even among family members.

BTW--Wish you chose a less provocative title. :)


dragondance said...

*grin* Silly mom. What am I supposed to call it, "books and those lumps on my chest that are bigger than Jeremy's"? I figure the technical term is better than the alternative. (And tophat is in my playgroup. That's sort of family, right? Heehee.)