Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello all! This is my first blog. I think I am the last... no, wait, I am not the last person to start a blog. Neither of my daughters have one. I am therefore ONE of the last people in America to start a blog. As I am at work right now, I will simply throw out my intro/about me for the moment, and go from there later.

I am a crazy-busy working, schooling mother of two girls under three. I am in my last semester of my BS in English, and am debating on grad school. I work as a copy editor at night, while hubby works during the day. I have slowly transformed from a traditional hospital/epidural-birthing, fully vaccinating, mostly formula-feeding, bouncer-using, follow-the-leader mom to a co-sleeping, breastfeeding (in public!), babywearing, selective/delayed vaccinating, cloth diapering, natural birthing mom. We do not have cable...but my kids watch a lot of DVDs, especially when I have homework to do. I have a garden for the first time, as I have a yard for the first time! I am a geeky gamer chick who is painfully shy in person, but very opinionated once I open my big mouth. I am a 24-year-old who listens to NPR, a Utah Democrat, and a brand-new Real Diaper Association Circle Leader. I am thinking about starting a cloth diapering/crunchy mom podcast. Someday. I am also working on a home business doing freelance editing as well as sewing skirts and wool interlock/cloth items.

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