Monday, December 22, 2008


It looks like maybe a foot of snow today. I know at least 8" in 5 hours. Wow!!! This is why I live a block from work.

Keeping Chloe stimulated all the time wipes me out, LOL. I think she's the only 15-month-old on the block who has a vibrating toothbrush (and it's a cheap one so it reeeeeally vibrates). I am making her an uber-sensory blanket with a ton of fun things on it to try and help at church, which generally involves roaming the halls trying to keep her from destroying things or yelling too loud or climbing up the super-steep stairs and breaking various body parts, and she's not allowed in nursery at all for three more months. I have to swipe the needle from my old machine since I broke 3 yesterday (thank you, cheap half-dead Brother machine, LOL) as I really don't care if I make the finishing blow on that machine with this quilt since my new machine *should* be here Monday! *happy dance*

I have been training for designing ads and have done a handful already. It's FUN. A little nerve-wracking making design decisions in front of an actual designer, lol, but I'm picking it up fast and learning a lot and so far, doing really well. Hopefully I keep up the whole "doing really well" part!

Got another box of presents in the mail for the first today from great-grandparents. It's awesome that they are getting so much stuff *I love you guys!* but honestly, they don't need that much. They don't really need much at all. Esp since some angel left us a ton of presents on our porch! :D So after the opening, some things will be sold/traded for other things we might need, and some of them will be donated. I know I'm donating some to the local Ronald McDonald House, and some to good ol' DI, and I'm looking into sending some to orphanages overseas. Gotta spread the love, you know. :)

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