Sunday, January 11, 2009

Green goals!

I will (hopefully) have more tomorrow on sensory stuff and whatever else I think of. I keep wanting to make this an interesting blog people will want to follow, but everyone seems to have already said what I am thinking, LOL.

So for now, as I avoid going to sleep for some reason, I am answering Crunchy Domestic Goddess's question about my Green Goals for the year.

As a review, in 2008:
We started our first garden and learned a LOT ;) and actually got some veggies out of it.
Became full-time cloth diaper users with my youngest and switched to full-time cloth finally with my oldest, and then she started using the potty about two weeks later. Go figure!
Got cloth shopping bags and started asking for paper when I forgot them. Which was most of the time.
Started using a cloth bag for the library instead of the plastic bags they provide.
Started shopping at the natural food store, and then the new Sunflower Farmer's Market opened up and I found the regular farmer's market, so we get more organic and natural foods.
I went pesco-vegetarian for a while, and now I have (due to my insanely high metabolism) settled into a much-less-meat-and-only-organic/humanely-raised-meat diet. Less money, less sad animals, less dead animals. Reminds me, I need to set out the pot of dried beans to soak.
I started using less plastic/unsafe toys and started looking more at wooden, natural, WAHM-made and imagination-inspiring toys.
Dd1 broke our TV so we used a lot less electricity for a few weeks until we replaced it.
We stopped our cable TV, so again much less electricity wasted, and less brain cells melted, too. Bonus!
I breastfed the entire year--do you know how many cans of formula are not in the landfill thanks to that??
Less vaccinations, so less Tylenol used.

For 2009:
Bigger garden, and we're going to try freezing or canning some of it.
Buying more local food, especially when the farmer's market opens again.
Dh wants a peach tree!
REMEMBER my darn cloth shopping bags, lol! I'm going to keep them in the car.
I want to start a compost pile this spring.
We're going to rotate out some more of the plastic toys and either leave them gone or replace them with natural or local (both!) toys.
I am going to sew more, so I buy less that I could make. (I am finishing up a sensory blanket right now.)
I am (and have been) fighting the CPSIA that needs changes so it doesn't put WAHMs and small businesses out of business, and I will keep fighting that until the law is revised. Who wants to have to buy from giant corporations with China-made goods because they are the only ones who can afford the massive amounts of testing in products for anyone under 12??
We are building up our food storage and emergency kits this year.
Keeping on keeping on with breastfeeding!
Ummm that's all I can think of because it's about midnight.

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