Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Someday, I will fix the background so y'all can read it without squinting, lol. I tried to follow the directions to put it only on the side and it didn't work, so I have to figure out where I went wrong.

So, suddenly Utah has remembered that it is, in fact, December. We had snow in October and then early fall temps until about two days ago, when suddenly the cold snap hit. Yesterday it snowed, melted, and then was snowing again when I left work (at my usual insanely late hour). Now there is 4-6" built up, depending on where you look (6" on the steps). So of course we went out to play. Realized that we are short on mittens and gloves so Chloe didn't get to play as much. However, she very much wanted to check out that fluffy white stuff, and as a consequence kept sticking her hand excitedly in the snow on the porch, looking at it, crying mightly when she realized it was very cold,, sticking her hand in my mouth to warm up, seeing that fluffy stuff again, sticking her fingers in it again, crying again, wanting to go inside, going inside, seeing the door start to shut with all that beautiful white stuff outside, crying to back outside, wash, rinse, repeat, lol. After a while she realized that snow was cold and she would have to deal with it, so she sat down on the porch and ate tiny pieces of snow very carefully. The whole time, of course, Alanna was running around like a snow pixie having a blast. Then we came in and had hot chocolate--Chloe had some watered down and Alanna had two, lol.

On the other Chloe front, she has regained "hi" as a word! It's not really a new word per say, but she had not said it since she started saying "Yeah" and now it is back. Losing previous skills is another warning sign so having her back in possession of both of her words is a great sign.

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