Thursday, December 4, 2008

I love tithing

Two days after we paid tithing (without the funds to pay it and rent), the bank gave us back our tithing amount and then some in fees that I thought they had decided not to refund a week ago! Now we can pay rent and pay for our other expenses this week, like copays and food and all of that good stuff. Yay!


Emily said...

I love tithing too!! We have been *ahem* inconsistent with paying our tithing this last several months, as we have been struggling financially. Well, our temple recommends both expired, and we realized that we couldn't get them renewed if we weren't paying tithing! So, we recommitted to paying tithing so we could get back to the temple. Wouldn't you know it, the first week we paid tithing, even though we wouldn't be able to pay rent, we found an apartment that week, and our current landlords are letting us stay without paying rent until we leave. It also turns out that the deposit we have to pay for our new place is less than we thought, so we can even afford to buy food. :)

TopHat said...

Huzzah! I love tithing blessings.