Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick note on Chloe's sensory issues

I think blogspot hates me today. It crashed five times in a row as I typed this so I’m typing in Word and pasting. Take that, Google!

Anyway, as I was saying before it was rudely deleted, I was waiting to post until I had lots of concrete data but that will be a while in coming, so for now:

Chloe was evaluated by an OT and the EI coordinator, and she “DEFINITELY qualifies” for early intervention/therapy. So they had to go have their weekly EI meeting and add her and get her team chosen, and now she has another therapist coming Tuesday to evaluate her development (or lack thereof) in more detail. We also have a series of three classes to attend for parents of non-verbal kids to help them communicate better. We also get to rent all the signing videos from the library for free (normally it’s a dollar per DVD per week). I’m glad we’re in the process of getting Chloe some help, esp today as it has been a very bad sensory issues day. Chloe spent the entire morning eating dangerous things whenever possibly (jewelry/rocks, plastic outlet covers, unpopped popcorn kernels, etc), doing her Super Stomp all over, jumping, bouncing (which for her is SUPER hard, intense, brain-joggling bouncing, which is no fun when she starts doing it on me!!), throwing things, thrashing, flailing, yelling, wanting to nurse every ten minutes, and smashing head-first into things when she got upset, until she collapsed on me, exhausted, about 20 minutes before naptime. Although, bonus for her, she did spend her two play minutes (two separate minutes—she doesn’t play for two minutes at a time together. I wish) playing with a big wooden puzzle and then with some wooden blocks. So that was good—any positive developmental seconds we can squeeze in with her are good.

And Alanna cut her own hair yesterday while I was at work. After her bath she gets a new haircut.

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