Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Note

One week until Chloe's early intervention evaluation. We'll see which one of us is crazy then--her or me! I hope they can figure out what's going on with her--it's like having a newborn for almost 16 months, but one who can run around and wreck things in the few seconds she doesn't want to be held. And who can turn on the bathtub water on hot and climb in (not at the same time *yet*), and who eats glass shards and chalk and crayons, and dumps ice water over herself for fun. Or who runs into the snow barefoot with no coat and proceeds to play like it's high summer, climbs on everything and falls off onto her head without even trying to catch herself, will not play with toys or read books for more than thirty seconds at a time (unless a new baby is over to play with--they are more distracting), chews on everything in sight (including her own fingers, arms, the metal hinges on the doors, the frozen porch steps, the business end of Snappis, and anything else that normal kids would cry if they bit, lol), bangs her head on things, wants to splash in water so much she will climb into the toilet to get a chance at some or try to dive headfirst into the sink, can't control her emotions at all yet, almost non-verbal, and on and on and on. I can only breathe or get anything done at naptime. Or after work, like now--which is 1am. She doesn't even like being worn--there's not enough movement for her. She will tolerate the SSC, which is super-fast to put on (as with staying still for a wrap or mei tai she flips out), but she really wants to move and bounce and change scenery and tactile sensations constantly so she wants down very quickly. If it's naptime I can get maybe an hour--half an hour of bouncing her to sleep and then half an hour of her sleeping. And that's it. It's easier to just put her down for a normal nap, lol, which lasts 45-90 minutes. Poor Alanna gets the shaft with Chloe demanding so much attention. And I am So going crazy.

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