Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Survived Labor Day with my pesco-vegetarianism intact!

It wasn't hard, actually. I just brought Morningstar burgers to the BBQ. Now I need to figure out how to have veggie BBQ when eating out. If we ever eat out again, that is, lol. Not much until we're more caught up on bills, that's for sure. 
This weekend I had a mini-sewing-marathon for making more of my personal design of cloth diapers, but I ran out of touchtape (super-velcro). So I have one completed, and three finished up until the first touchtape-sewing step. I'm hoping to make enough of  mine to sell the commercial AIOs and fitteds that I have, and make some in the next size up eventually. I made these so they fit Chloe on the smallest setting, so they are like a M/L anyway. Alanna likes them too but she needs to pottytrain the rest of the way, dang it, lol, so I'm not making some for her. She has used the potty exclusively for several days in a row, and then decides it's easier to go back to diapers. Boo. 

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