Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, Jeremy and I have been learning a lot with our first garden. Number 1, water is important. Number 2, Utah is slightly different from Ohio so things grow differently. Number 3, when you read "eat it before it goes to seed," they mean it.

So, the early crops that passed the gardening exam and will be invited back next year are sweet peas (bumper crop, climbing/pole style), butter lettuce, spinach, and carrots. Early flunkouts are bush beans (two handfuls from eighteen plants), broccoli, cauliflower, and a bunch of herbs. We got one herb to grow, a single basil plant. We're just admiring it for now, lol. Next year we will try more herbs in conjunction with the whole "watering" thing. Right now the fall crop is coming up, and we are getting some yellow and butternut squash, a late burst of extra peas, and an explosion of winter sweetmeat melon and cucumbers. Next year we are expanding and I want to try tomato and onion starters as well.

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